Fibonacci Tower

Can you help me with the SPiral Tower on the picture LEFT. What is the easiest way to make it ? Make tower + Pannelling Tools ? Or do i make the spiral and then project it ? Any ideas and algorithms to work on ? I’m pretty noobish for the moment …

Which one you are trying to make? The one on the left?

Yes the one left

Perhaps I over complicate but it seems like a stereographic projection from a spiral on a sphere (Loxodrome)

Hey Laurent, i saw you in another Rheotomic discussion from 2018. The guy who made this used the Rheotomic script, but i do not understand his script. You will find the GH script in this comment. I do understand the Rheotomic idea of projecting the curve, but i don’t understand how to make the Tower. A dumbsituation, but i can’t find the Tower in his script. (53.1 KB)

you didn’t try too much the various option. It is not simple but there some options. Line_options is one

You can change also the resolution, but there will be an error on the center. Surely due that inside the cluster it is a mesh that do the job.
After that you must use the centers points to calculate the movement in Z. Give me some minutes. (30.9 KB)

If you change 1/x by power
you have more control



I have analysed your script. Thank you, but i still have some questions.

Question 1 ; I understand the 1/x function wich makes a Tower structure in the form of 1/x, but i don’t understand what is making the “revolution”/ “revolve” happening ? With graph mapper you can chose the form, i get that, but you still need a way to revolve the 1/x function to make it tangible ?

Question 2 ; Can you explain me everything between 1/X and Graph mapper ? Especially “Substraction” and “Absolute”

Question 3 ; Is “Expression” defining the negativity and positivity of the 1/x function ?

Thank you

The distance is measured from sink or source so it makes a revolution as function(distance) = z. “All the points on a circle are at the same distance from the center”. I choose distance^-× because it works
Why a difference because we need z =0 on the mediatrice “all the points on the mediatrice are at the same distance from 2 points”
So it is just some math in order to have something similar of what you asked. You could use other equations there is no perfect answer.
The global way of thinking
Look what you have (points, border, mediatrice…) what you want, try to draw the graph , here z as a function of distance. With that search which function could be useful. Thats my 2 cents

Thank you. Very clear now. I have aother small question; i can’t put a new Point to the original Rheotomic file. Wwen i connect it to Source or Sinks, the whole strucutre dissappears. Was the algorithm designed for 6 points only ?
ALso; do you think that the whole parameter could fit into a Circle ? It is a square now. I’m planning to put a Geodesic Dome above the whole structure that i already designed in Grasshopper.

You can do many things but I designed an algorithm for One sink and one source. For sure it is possible to do it for more points. I don’t understand why you say it isn’t working for more than 6 points. Do you have an example.
You should be more clear on what you want. Depending on the different parameters there are different way to solve one problem. It is quite hard to see what you have in mind. Crystal balls are not working.

I give you the original script and a picture. You can see that the creator used 6 points MD SLiders connected to source (3) and sinks (3) When i ad a NEW point, it doesn’t work. Neither at the source or sinks algorithm. That is what i’m asking, is it possible to have 10 points for exemple from wich i can create the 1/X TOWER you made for me. (35.1 KB) (23.6 KB)


Hey Daniel,

Amazing, but i do not understand where the Mesh structure is coming from. That is why i liked Laurents approach above, he made an algortihm with the 1/X function wich created a Tower strucure but i couldn’t figure out how to put new points on the Rheotombic algorithm. Your documents show me it is possible, but how was the Mesh made ? By Mesh i mean what i selected on the picture.

You can input new points in the Source/Sink components by right clicking them and selecting ‘set multiple points’.
They need to be within that same10x10 region. It also works best if you can avoid any of the sources/sinks being exactly aligned in X.
The meshes are generated as heightfields from the real and imaginary parts of a complex function, given by summing shifted copies of the complex logarithm.
The curves are contours of these meshes.

I made the image in 2014, it was not my script, I think I download it from here: Rheotomic surfaces and flowline generation tool - Grasshopper