Spiral array on sphere

Hi there. I have been using Rhino for the last couple of years at uni but I am very new to Grasshopper. Firstly WOW I think I am going to love this once I get the hang of it, but right now I am under really intense time constraints with a art project I am building for the New Zealand regional burningman event.

I am building an art-car from woven bamboo that is styled to look like an angler fish.

For the esca (fish light) I want to build a 3d printed zeotrope that is lit internally from an array of leds.

I am sorry if this is too much background info but I hope it will be interesting to you.

The part I need help with is learning how to make a spiral array on the surface of the sphere.

I want it to mimic the forms found in nature where each consecutive petal is rotated and slightly larger.

I have done some of this in directly Rhino but it becomes an absurd number of operations to build such forms.

I have also found and followed some tutorials on producing flat flower forms but am having trouble applying this to a sphere.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Nicholas Lealand.

Project link

rhino 5.0
grasshopper 0.9.0076
asus laptop with a second screen.

Can you may post some images of your experiments in Rhino. I have some idea what your trying to do but its easier to develop a script in GH if you have some rules set out to work/model from.

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is this what you want to create?
If so, use the command _InterpCrvOnSrf.

other examples with the command _InterpCrvOnSrf on sphere



here is a way i tried (intersects an helicoid with a sphere…)
sphericalSpiral.gh (10.4 KB)

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All my old work is currently at uni but the spirals below are a great place for me to start.

I’ll see where they take me!

And here is the other way IF the 146 things that you’ve received were … er … used. BTW: Indeed I had to inject antibiotic to that cat meaning that you should call after a couple of minutes…

SphericalSpiral_V1.gh (120.9 KB)

For spiral on sphere see these links


wow the c scrypt is very useful.

Confused about your cat but I will let that go.

photos will come once I get further on the modeling side.

don’t you know? he sacrifices kittens to the beast in order to gain knowledge!
hahaha just joking! the comment was directed to me because a call we had was interrupted by a kitten that had to be vaccinated. :slight_smile:

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a pretty simple way to do it… not really sure about the purity of this curve but visually, it looks like a spiral :wink:

spiralSphere.gh (9.5 KB)

Very imaginative!
It would be nice for this forum to post challenges like this one, every once in a while to see all the different approaches people come up with to solve a problem! :slight_smile:

If so get this as well that does (recursively) stuff “around” curves:

RecursiveSpiralOnNurbs_V1.gh (124.5 KB)