Paneling Tools for Grasshopper (6) Old version link

I’ve installed the paneling tools for Grasshopper on my Mac version of Rhino V6, but ran into a problem with the Centre Grid function not working. After a bit of searching on the forums I found this post

the end of which states the bug was fixed in 2018. The version I’d downloaded was 2016! So I’v deleted that Version, and attempted to find the latest version. On the Food4Rhino page

the section that relates to installing on a Mac ends in “To access Panelling Tools in Gr…”, or if you hover over the text you get the tantalising, “To access Panelling Tools in Grasshopper you will need to download the”. I’ve tried different browsers assuming it’s a Mac thing, but no improvement.

So I found this page dated 2019

and downloaded from the supplied link, and got the same 2016 version!

Any clues as too where I should be downloading it from?

This bit is aimed at McNeel.

It would be nice if a page on the WiKi gave an explanation of how to install the plugin, as well as a link to the current version. Never having done this before, it took me an age of searching through old posts on the forum before eventually managing to stumble my way through the process. Sorry If I’ve managed to miss the obvious page on this topic. Secondly, Why does the Paneling Tools not have a menu in Mac? I started out wanting to see if Panelling was a way to add surface texture to 3D printed objects, so followed your video tutorials, but soon gave up as I was unable to find the option that had been selected from the Windows menu in the video, pause the video, type PT in Rhino, scroll through the list, take a best guess, find it doesn’t have the same options, try another… This is the reason I’m now trying to learn Paneling as well as Grasshopper, for me a slow process.

I’m beginning to believe the answer to this is to move to Windows.

Sorry about your pain. You make good points. I also do not like how Food4Rhino has limitted description box. I think I stretched it’s intended use. I’ll try to address and fix, especially in terms of clarity and access.
PT for Rhino 6 for Mac did not include the newer changes that is available in the Windows version. I could not update PT-Mac6 for technical reasons that I will spare you.
That is said, PanelingTools for the Mac will be easier to use in the next version of Rhino. Both PT-Rhino and PT-GH install with Rhino WIP. You don’t need to do anything. If you have Rhino 6, you can already download and use the Rhino 7 WIP and run it side by side with Rhino 6.
I see your point about adding the PT menu in the Mac and will look into adding a command to show the menu.

Thanks for the swift response. If I correctly understand what you are
saying, the 2016 version of PT that I’ve downloaded is currently the most up to date version available for the Mac, and won’t be updated until the V7 release of Rhino?

If that is the case, I think it’s another reason to move away from the Mac version, and bootcamp the Mac so that I can use the Windows release.

I did look into changing my license so that It worked in the zoo(?), but after looking at how to do this, the help file didn’t seem to match up with the reality of my Mac V6. Either the help file is out of date, or I failed to understand it properly. I’ll look into it again.

Once again, thanks for the information and help.