Panel tools creating pattern from photo

Was wondering if you anyone has info on creating a 2d pattern from a photo. I have seen it done with the Rhino logo and panel tools. Then it is laser cut to create a cool panel!

Steven Houtzager

You can use ptPanelGridCustomVariable command and use PatternMethod=Scale to vary the scale of a circle. You need to also use DistributionMethod=Bitmap in the command. Let me know if you are new to PT and I can put together a tutorial for you.

Tried it out. How large should the “base surface” be? Should it be as big as the array. I am just using a flat array of points 50 x 50.

Then it asks for unit pattern curves and points which not sure what is needed there.

I’ll put together a small sample for you and post in a bit.

I am looking forward to seeing that Rajaa! Thanks so much.

Here are the steps and I also attached the 3dm file with the image for your reference.

1- Create the grid: it can be any density depending on the level of detail you would like to achieve. in the sample, I used 40x40 simple ptGridArray.
2- Create the paneling using ptPaneliGridCustomVariable with PatternMethod=Scale and DistributionMethod=Bitmap. When prompted to select an image, I selected the Rhino image, then followed the prompts selecting the “circle”, then the center for scale and min factor = 0.1 and max factor = 0.9.

I hope this helps (336.5 KB)