Panel that has anchored edges, but also pushed out at center?

Maybe this is fairly simple and I’m just missing something obvious. Currently I’m able to get these two conditions:

In the magenta panel, I split the surface into 4 pieces and inflated them individually. But what I really want is a contiguous piece like the red panel on the right, except also with the diagonal corners anchored in addition to the center point being stretched out.

How can this be done? I used the “Load” component with the centerpoint of the panel to get the red version, but I noticed that adding the edge points (shown here) don’t affect the red panel.

I’ve attached my grasshopper file below. (36.9 KB)

There’s something obvious you are missing.

The input meshes need to have coincident points with the anchors. Otherwise there is no connection between anchor and the vertices.

You could solve it by creating pipes along the diagonals of the squares and then a solid collision goal. But this is complicated.

The easier way is to use the diagonals to divide the squares into four surfaces, remesh them with coincident vertices along the edges and then you can anchor all naked vertices…

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