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How to read the curves in this xml by taking into consideration the elevation. Here is where iam at. (14.0 KB)

RAT_VRK2-raiteen_geometria.xml (3.1 KB)

When working with Civil Engineering Data (2,5D) you need to look at it as multiple 2D Curves sampled together to form a 3D Curve.
You First Create your horizontal Alignment as 2D (ChordGeom in your XML), your vertical Alignment as 2D (Profile in your XML), sample both at the same Stations along their length and use the X and Y from your horizontal and Z (or Y, depending how you build the 2D curve in gh) from your vertical Alignment to create a 3D Curve:

you can use my file as a starting point, would need some work to be usable with different XML files. (21.2 KB)

Since your Vertical Alignment only has two points, both at the same elevation you can skip the vertical alignment and just set your point heights directly to the height of the first PVI.
Note: Your vertical alignment starts and ends beyond the length of your horizontal alignment. Not quite sure how you would use any vertical data beyond the bounds of your horizontal data.