Curve on a unfolded curve - gradeline

is it possible to create a 3d curve with this input and if it is how to do it :smile:

  1. I have a Curve in the XY plane
  2. I Have the 3d curves vertical route described in its unfolded form in the XZ plane ex. the first 2m of the curve should go as a line from z=something to z=something then there should be a vertical arch and so on…

If it makes any more sense it is a route and i have its plane view and the vertical gradeline and now i have to create its 3d gradeline;)

Thank you for your help.

Hi David (@godziox)

I think you’re looking for crv2view

HTH, Jakob

If the vertical (elevation) is “unfolded” as mentioned, you might need a mapping function instead of a simple projection… Flow might work in this case. @godziox can you post a sample set of curves? --Mitch

I think flow should to the trick, crv2view would work only for certain
@Helvetosaur in what situations flow won’t work properly? If it fails I
will post a sample set :slight_smile: