Paint on DirectShape, how to select specific face?

Just wondering if there’s a way to select and paint specific face of DirectShape ?

The image below is what I have now,
notice that the “As Paint” is NO , shouldn’t that be a YES?

We’ve got a feature request in to do that without using the Revit UI.

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Just added ‘Element Geometry References’ to v1.14 to help here.

You can try it on the daily build in a few minutes.


HI @kike

I wonder if the “element face” can be use for collision/intersection testing?
For instance, only select the faces that collided/intersected with 4 sides of the wall.


Could you please elaborate a bit more.

Here’s a quick example I make.
In short

  1. I Offset Brep twice, solid and pure surface,
  2. I did Add Geometry DirectShapefor the solid one.
  3. The Element Face of DirectShape which collide/intersect with pure surfaces (green) need to paint with material.

paint specific (76.9 KB)

Hi Ctu6, what are the rules for your face? for example you can sort element geometry reference - faces by their normal direction. A collision operation would be similar.

Hi @Japhy, thanks for the reply.

I’ve successfully used the point on surfaces to do the collision operation and got the surface I want.

However currently I got stock due to Offset Brep couldn’t generate “clean” geometries that good enough for DirectShape yet returning valid surface back to RiR to do the collision operation.
Problem describe in this thread

In short what I’ve partially done:

  1. generate much more actual surface of rooms (stairs, beams, etc.)
  2. offset them to get thickness
  3. add DirectShape by categories (ceiling, wall, floor)
  4. paint by collision surfaces for finishing material takeoff.