Directshape not showing up in Revit

Hi guys,
as usual the issues I am experiencing with Rhino.Inside are might due to my inexperience in Revit.
I am modelling a sweep in rhino input it as brep and use ( i think ) the standar procedure to import the directspahe into revit. I am able to see the red GH preview (in Revit as well) but not the actual geometry in Revit. All looks correct, I am sure I am missing something very basic, but I have no clue. I think I used all the right components in gh, here a screenshot_:

last basic question are directshapes equivalent of Model-in-place category?

as usual thanks for your support

It appears to have been generated. Scale is a possibility, try selecting via this method or By Element ID (in the Manage Tab in revit) the id of your Element being 1336231


DirectShapes are Model-In-Place Elements, in this instance on the generic model category.

Hi Rickson, thanks for the reply!
it looks like as if it is not finding it, the scale looks right I am working in mm in the rhino.inside


are you in a 3D view?


I have just tried to repeat the procedure from a plan view, but no difference so far, can´t find the element.

as you can see vie the brep input in the grasshooper the geoemtry is visible…

Are you able to locate the element by ID?

That’s looks like a complex geometry, perhaps convert the arcs to straight lines and see if that brings something in, or just a straight run vs corners – in an effort to eliminate possibilities.

I’m still putting my money on scale tho.

all right, I actaully managed to find the element, which was indeed selectable with its ID.

you were almost there, except if for some reason the element was just shifted on Z axis…the strange thing was that it was shifted of exactly 23,3m which left me thing to some sort of error…

I thought it might have been becuse the geometry I am sending to the revit is not laying totally flat on one plane…But i have no idea.
I will keep modelling other element and let you know if I find the reason why it makes this shift

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I found out that the geometry once imported get projected on the origin plane…I am not sure why is that doing that, any idea?

The geometry needs to be placed on a level or workplane. Would you be able to share the Rhino geometry so I can test? :smiley:

I think that is the problem. Also the geoemtry should be constructed on an existing building which is modelled using model-in-place as well, so the sweep line i am using is not flat.

sure! do the brep in gh is enough or do you need as well the revit file, i guess? can I get an email address please?

I actaully managed to find the element, which was indeed selectable with its ID.