Painting faces - direct shapes or component families

I don’t seem to be able to paint on direct shapes or component families:

Am I missing a step?
Are there other methods for assigning materials to specific faces of a Brep coming from Rhino?

Here i’m assigning a Material to a specific Brep Face and its corresponding Revit Face in a Direct Shape. (11.4 KB)

In a Family Document…

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Hi Japhy,
These methods work very well, Thanks!
Is there a method to edit face materials of objects imported via the Rhinoinside> Rhinoceros> Import 3dm Function?

Hi Guido,

To answer that question properly i would need to see more of what you are importing.

In general the import is going to come in as one big direct shape then when getting its Element References will not be guaranteed to be in the same order as Element Geometry output. You would need to map those depending on your needs.

Hi Japhy,
I got that far, but when I try assigning materials to faces I get that Revit API error (see original post). This seems to be the case with all 3dm imports, no matter the contents.

I see it now, the imports aren’t available to Paint via the Revit UI as well. I don’t believe this is supported. Using the Add Geometry DirectShape instead of Import will work.

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