Page numbers in V7 Layouts?

Hi @Dan,
I’ve been enjoying this feature in R6 so far! I just realized that R7 lacks this little feature…? Since we have a Layout panel and not thumbnails. Is there a way which would allow the same numbering into the layout panel?


Split off and moved to it’s own thread in the right category so it will be seen.

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Hi Petumatr,
Thanks for letting us know.

This is already on the Tracker.
RH-61337 - Print Range of Layouts Broken in 7
RH-61334 - Print All Layouts Broken in 7
Sorry, but you can not view these links because of customer submitted files.

However, we will let you know here when it is fixed, so you can confirm that the Layout in Rhino 7 are working like they did in Rhino 6 for you.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Support

Thanks @mary!


Hi @petumatr

if you use Export PDF on the Mac instead of Print you should be able to select a range of layouts to include until the above issues are resolved.

RH-61334 and RH-61337 are fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate