R6 printing from layout - number of the page

I am experiencing this for a long time, but now this small thing became a bit of a headache. In R5 on mac, when I want to print single page from layout, after clicking on / from / button, it automatically fills in the number of the current page. This does not happen in R6. Is there a chance to bring it back? It is extremely handy when you work with fe. 100 layouts. Or, is there a command or place where I can check the number of the current page?
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Hi Petr-

Sorry for the delayed reply. Sorry, I’m feeling rather dumb here. I’m attempting to reproduce the desired behavior in Rhino 5 for Mac and I can’t seem to.

Here’s what I’m doing.

  1. Launching Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.5 on macOS Catalina 10.15.3.
  2. Starting a new modeling window.
  3. Clicking the Layouts button.
  4. Adding three blank layouts using the + button.
  5. Clicking on Layout Page 3 to make it active.
  6. Pressing command+p to Print. The print dialog comes up.
  7. Under Pages: I switch from _All to From with the radio button.
  8. I put my mouse in the first text field of the From

It just says “1”.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Dan,
it’s ok. Mmm, weird, Now I am unable to reproduce this behaviour in a new R5 file. Anyway - the main point was, how to retrieve the number of a page to be printed (now talking about R6)? When I have fe. 100 layouts, there is nothing in the printing dialog where I could select the ‘current layout’ , right? The only way how to print single layout is to manually write the number of the page, fe. 85… The workaround for me so far is to have a textfield showing the page number - placed in every layout.

Uhhh, yeah, that’s an embarrassing oversight on our part. Logged here:

RH-57543 Layouts: Number layouts in the left-hand sidebar

Sorry for the delayed uptake on this as well.

Thank you @dan!

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