Distribute Grasshopper script as plugin

Hi everyone,
I wonder if there is a possibility to pack/compile a grasshopper script into a plugin preventing the user to open the script but enabling to run it on another computer?
Thanks a lot for your answers!

Nope. Can’t be done.

Will there be any effort in the future (~ next 3 years) that this can be done? Or shall I rather put myself more into Rhino Python and Plugin Development?

Is it not possible to cluster it, protect via password and distribute it as ghuser ? Peacock is like that.

Every Grasshopper file will require that it is run by Grasshopper, and that all required plug-ins are installed. It will never be possible to ‘package’ a gh file and distribute it as a stand-alone plug-in. That said, the following things are already true:

  • Rhino now ships with a package manager called Yak. It’s early days, but this will at least make it a lot easier to install missing plug-ins in the future. So that problem will mostly go away.
  • Rhino now ships with Grasshopper itself, so you no longer have to worry about it being available.

which means it should be possible to hide the fact that Grasshopper is running a gh file, and make it appear as though Rhino is running a command. This is something that may happen for Grasshopper 2, but it’s certainly not high on the list.

If you want to develop tools for other people to use, then plug-in or script development is probably the best way forward.

Well. Your scripts may be clustered to user objects (password protected ) and saved to a specific tab. Then you can create .exe file with your library of user objects/components so the user will just follow typical “install” process and extract files to desired gh directory…