Packing a Project

AutoCAD had a command called pack which created a saved project folder containing the project file and all dependent objects (external blocks and bitmaps, for example). Is there such a command in Rhino - or another way to automate such a procedure?

The AutoCAD command, I believe is called Pack&Go
There is no automatic way of doing this in Rhino, it is all manually gathering up external files, converting lines block into embedded blocks or writing a script. Someone be have already done this on the Forum.

It is on the wish list and has been there for many years.
I will add your vote and interest to the YT.

Mary Ann Fugier


Mary, Is there a place accessible in the Rhino UI where the images it’s using are listed (ideally with the paths)?

Check the Textures panel.

And regarding bitmaps if you Save As… you can check the option Save Textures. This saves all used bitmaps in your file.

Thanks Nathan. I think that’s what I was looking for.