Archiving Rhino files including Materials

Hi, is it possible to “Consolidate” all of the materials that Rhino has used in a project for archiving ?

Could you explain what you mean by “consolidate”?

For example, I would like to move a Rhino project to another computer for rendering, Can Rhino collect all of the textures, environments etc into one folder so the they ncan be found easily on the new computer ?
Are they embedded in the Rhino file itself. ?

Click the “save textures” checkbox in the “save as” - dialogue.
All textures should be saved in a folder in the same directory as the file.

Thanks ! I have tried that in the past but it didnt work.

All materials and environments are saved with the file. Bitmaps are saved if “Save Textures” is checked. If you have an example where this doesn’t work, please send me the file at