Packaging Linked Blocks

I am managing a large project with a master file that includes hundreds of linked blocks. The linked blocks are in various places on the hard drive. Is there a method or script that can package all of the linked files to a specified folder?

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Hi Ian, I don’t know of any way in plain Rhino to do this, but it seems like it ought to be scriptable. It may well have been done by somebody, I’ll see if I can take a poke at it as well.


Thanks Pascal. Surely it could be scriptable, unfortunately I haven’t the time at the moment to develop it.
Also, have you come across any scripts that will search for relative file paths for linked blocks that can not be found? Unfortunately the project I inherited had the file structure changed and many of the linked files can not be found by the block manager. I am trying to speed up the process of relinking all of the files without having to go one by one.


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I’m in the same situation now and ask me, is it possible at Rhino 6?

There must be a rhino feature that does something like this. Is there also a way to package your materials and mapped images?

Wish list item:

For saving textures in V6, the Save dialog has a “Save textures” option that is on by default.


Is there a way to pack linked block by now?

I have several linked blocks in my master file, linked to various places on my server. I would like to assemble them so that no information get lost. I have not embedded the block due to file size, and I would like to keep it that way.

In Adobe InDesign you can easily make a package that gather all needed information in a link folder. Is there any way that I can have similar function in Rhino?

I do not know how to program this myself.



Shouldn’t be so difficult to write a code to read the block paths and copy them to a specific place or?