Package Manager UI installed version unclear

Continuing the discussion from Saving Failure:

I’ll move the posts discussing the package manager UI here…

@kevin3, can you help me out by showing me where in the UI you were looking for the currently installed version? The intention is to show the version that is currently installed and the latest version available (if newer).

@stevebaer , thanks!
I will give this a try.

@will , I could not get information from Grasshopper and finding the Package Manager library folder is not so straight forward.
That screen shot was the Package Manager, accessed via the Rhino command line.

The PM might need a new header for Version:… although the line above Installed seems to clearly say 0.4.1, the Version result is visually more prominent due to the drop down menu having a shadow, making it appear to be in front of the other content.

Maybe merge the two controls on the right. Just a thought

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I like Steve’s proposal…

  • Show the current version in the drop down menu,
  • if an update is available, show "arrow + “update available”
  • remove “Version” text

Thanks for the feedback! I’d like to maintain the current behaviour that allows updating to the latest version with a single click. Logged as RH-66606 while I ponder…

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