Overlapping Text for manufacture

I am currently playing around with texts in GH.
In general, those texts turned out to be ok but when it comes to letters with “boundaries inside” such as an O or B, patching the letters result in overlaps. This siginificantly reduces the visibility. Is there an easy method to get rid of inner patches?
I could delete the single patches manually but I am looking for a more automatic way in order to implement this into a more complex approach.
Boundary Surface also doesn’t work since the base Brep is curved.

Thanks for your advice!

Text Overlap.gh (38.3 KB)

This is a different approach using SrfMorph that uses three sliders to approximate the width, height and depth of the projected lettering (white group).

Text Overlap_2021Mar25a.gh (52.1 KB)

This is what I was looking for!
Thanks @Joseph_Oster