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Hi everybody,

I have a question about brep & brep trim. I have 16 open breps and they are overlapping each other. I want to delete the intersections and connect the breps in only one brep. I think, it is easy. But, I couldn’t find the proper solution. I will be pleasured for any help.

surface (6.1 MB)

Did you try this? (6.1 MB)

I don’t want to close the breps. Actually, They are pipes. I wanted to simplify the problem. Therefore, I uploaded only these surfaces. If you want, I can upload the other surfaces.

You might have to delete the planar caps afterwards… (6.1 MB)

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Thank you martin for your help. That will help me :slight_smile:

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Do you know, how I can also fillet the sharp edges? I tried to use fillet edges. But, I couldn’t find, how I can distinguish the curves, which should be filleted.

You would probably want to try and fillet concave edges…

The problem however is that your pipes have some sort of wrinkles and these will cause problems on the fillets.

Before trying to automate filleting in Grasshopper it’s a good idea to bake the object and try to fillet some of the edges in Rhino.

What’s the expected benefit of filleted edges on this object? Are you going to 3D print the object at some point or will it “only” be rendered?

I am going to print the object with PBF-LB/M. I want to have some rounded structures. Otherwise, the metal powder can be melted in these sharp edges and I can not remove them.

Is there a method for fillet which I can do it in grasshopper automatically?

I can also handle these wrinkles in grasshopper. I need only to figure out, how I can fillet intersection surfaces.

There is but it will most likely fail.

You will probably have to convert the polysurface into a mesh and use some smoothing algorithm.

How are you adding wall thickness to your object?

I’ve already given thickness. Only the edges are sharp and I have to fillet them. I tried actually “fillet edge”. But it didn’t work and took a lot of time to compute the program.


I’d try some kind of mesh based smoothing… (6.1 MB)

Remeshing took 17 minutes, smoothing another 44 seconds.

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