Overlapped text issue

Hello All,
Issue with Space syntax plugin- When i tried with 41 points and 41 labels. Text are getting overlapped even if i tried move points away also it fails. Any help is appreciated.


bubble diagram.gh (9.7 KB)

Here same problem, @pirouzaan can you help ?
You could use grasshopper componentst like Text Tag … for the moment

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Hi Laurent, we have over-engineered this component with mechanisms to guess the right size of the texts and apparently this supposedly smart feature is not so smart! :slight_smile: I would suggest using the graph edges component to draw the edges, using a circle component to draw bubbles as to size r=math.Sqrt(A/2*math.Pi), and putting text tags with your desired size on top of them. I hope this helps.

in the belated new version this this component is broken into modules and so the problem won’t exist.

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Thank you guy’s. @laurent_delrieu @pirouzaan