Overlapping lines when using ptUnrollFaces on a 2D surface

Hi, I am trying to unroll my surface using the panelling tools utility (ptUnrollFaces). The surface is made of 2D and 3D panels. I am having trouble ‘unrolling’ the 2D panels. The panels are not connected properly and often either overlap or have gaps in between the faces. Is there any way to resolve the problem?

For more context, my original 2D panel is created using multiple triangulated surfaces which have all been joined neatly. The panels have been arrayed on a curved surface.

Many thanks

Paneling tools has nothing to do with panel as a structural element :slight_smile: (not apparent at least)

You should move the thread to “Rhino for windows” or something.

I share the confusion though. McNeel would you rename this plugin? It is totally misleading. Similar to the term “Frame” you use for coordinate systems.

What are you using the unrolled panels for? If you are fabricating something from flat sheet, then you need to remove one of the faces first. The reason they overlap is geometrical. The panels are not planar. Try making a scale model with paper to understand why.

Not sure why you mention

I fail to see how that’s relevant to the question

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If your panels are not coplanar, then you can get overlap. If this is not favorable, join the panels then ptUnrollFaces with the following options: