Overlapping details edition


Is there a way to force the z-ordering of details in layouts ?
I want to edit a detail A placed over a bigger one B by a double-click, but it is always the bigger one B that enters in edit mode.
For that kind of layout I have to use the command line detail then enable each time a small detail is over a bigger one.
I tried to lock the bigger detail or lock its layer, it doesn’t work.



Hello - use the draw order commands for this -

BringToFront BringForward, SendToBack, SendBackward, ClearDrawOrder


I tried that too.

Hi -

I see that here as well and will write it up.
RH-63408: Detail: Edit topmost detail - Wireframe display mode

For now, you can bring the small one to the front, select it, and use Isolate to work with that one.
@lahos - Pascal lets me know that the “ToFront” and “ToBack” procedure works as expected when you set the details to a shaded display mode. That might be a better workaround for the time being.

Is there any kind of plan to implement object display order priorities?

(as per this thread for example Controlling Display Order - #34 by Ben_B)

This is just one of many instances of problems that could be solved when dealing with the display of coplanar objects. Would be great to know if this is something you plan to address at some point?