Display order in Layouts

Trying to do some 2d work in a Layout view. For that, I’m looking for a way to arrange Detail views and lines/hatches in a desired display order.
Looks like hatches that are drawn directly into the Layout are always drawn ON TOP of Details there… is that correct?
On the other hand, pictures that are placed in the Layout seem to be always BEHIND Details.

(Trying to place a color polygon behind a section Detail view for ground/sky. Things like this.)

Am I running into shortcomings regarding doing ‘Illustrator’ style work in Rhino Layouts here?

Hello - yeah… you can use ‘draw order’ on details to send their boundary curves forward or backward relative to a picture but apparently not relative to a hatch, at least as far as I can see.


Ok, thanks.
Hoping for further improvements regarding layouts - I’d very much like to avoid the usual export-to-illustrator-or-photoshop-to-get-a-final-image hassle…
Best regards

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Just tested this issue. No changes. Are there any plans to make DrawOrder work with Details and hatches?
Doing graphics in Layout space is basically working nicely, and improving, but it’s not there yet. How would you put this fill area in the background? Neither hatches nor surfaces with a material are working. Simple example:
Mockup of what is needed:

We had to finalize the graphics in Illustrator just because of this. Takes time, complicates the workflow, has to be communicated if colleagues should update the graphics…