Outside contours of a complex model

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new on rhino and on this forum
I am in architecture so on the rhino file I’m working on I drew the thickness of the walls. But for the lasercut I only need the outside surfaces of them. And there is a lot of walls. :smile:
So I was wondering if there was any way for the contour command to select only the outside contour of the model.
If you have any idea of how to do that let me know :smile:


Typically, you would organise your model with the layer and sub-layer system in such a way as to easily let you switch on/off relevant parts of your model. Then, these kind of complex selections become manageable.

Alright then, I’ll learn the hard way :smile:
thank you for your answer @menno

Hi Oddile - if you have all of this as curves, use CurveBoolean and click outside, away from all the curves, to generate the outer perimeter curve, assuming a closed curve is possible.

any luck?


It worked ! Thank you for the advice, I’d have spent much more time on it !