Creating solid

hello all,

I have a model i imported from sketchup as a dwg and i am attempting to make it a solid object in order to make contours to laser cut this in layers. however i am not sure how i would go about this, can anyone help?

Impossible to know from a picture… What you can do is perhaps:

  1. Hide everything that is not the outside envelope surfaces.
  2. You can try to join the outer surfaces into a closed solid envelope, it will likely fail, but some of it might join.
  3. You can run Contour on what you have - make sure you have the options join by contour level and group by contour level set to yes.
  4. You will have a bunch of slices, they will likely need some cleaning up. CurveBoolean on each level might help to get the outer contour if there are no gaps - otherwise you will need to fix the gaps first.