Output GLTF file from the SD viewer

Is there a method to get the GLTF file of a model from the SD viewer, using a designer plan? … not the AR feature. I want any user with a shared link to get the file.


At the moment, this is not possible, only the owner of the model can have access to the download menu and download a glTF file corresponding to the current parameters. We are currently reviewing the possibility to share more functionalities, i will update this topic when we make some progress.

could we upvote for this kind of feature somewhere ? ^^

Here is the page for feature requests and upvotes: [Deprecated - please open a new topic on the forum to request a feature]

Thanks, so alternatively can FBX, OBJ, or 3MF files be downloaded with included texture map and mapping coordinates, using the export feature on the SD viewer?

Meshes can always be exported with texture coordinates for all formats that support them. However, it is not possible to include texture files directly in or with the exported geometry at the moment. You can always include several export components that allow to export both the geometry and the associated textures. Exports including textures will be improved in the future, I will update this topic when we make some progress.

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