Export scene as glTF

Is it possible to export the scene as a whole to glTF? I’m able to get the glb data for every object using api.current?.scene.get(undefined, 'CommPlugin_1'), but then I have to merge these into one glTF file. THREE.js has a GLTFExporter plugin (three.js docs) but this needs access to the THREE.Scene instance. This would be ideal because this export would resemble the scene as shown in the viewer the best (including textures etc.). Is it possible to get access to the more low level THREE.Scene instance? Or is there another way of exporting?

Background: we’re trying to display the scene in a iOS Quicklook AR view. This needs a USDZ file, which is best converted from glTF or glb.


The current API doesn’t support this at the moment but thanks for the feature request, I added it on our roadmap and I will get back to you when we have an update on this.

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Any news here? We also looking for the option to get .gltf scene for further processing.

This is possible using the new plugin that is currently in private beta. Since you are part of it @DanielK1, I invite you to ask your question in the discord server we use for the beta :slight_smile:

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