Shapediver - Animated GLB export

Is it or will it be possible to export 3d animations via shapediver?
It would be a big big plus.
Is it in the pipeline?
Thank you

This is on our roadmap but not for the immediate future. Our thinking is to include animation definitions as attributes of the geometry that is used to build the glTF assets. Feel free to explain further the workflow you imagine here, so we can take it into account when we start working on this feature.

I have to investigate deeper how gLTF file format works.
My goal would be to embed several iterations from a slider (which would act as a timeline) into the file. This would cost for sure heavy computation but I will investigate more around it.

Iterations of a slider would have to be handled differently, ShapeDiver create glTF files corresponding to one parameter set. This does not seem like a good use case for glTF animations.
Note that once you upload a model to ShapeDiver, each computation is cached after the first time you request it, therefore the glTF can load very fast. It would make more sense to use the viewer API to loop through parameter values directly from the online viewer to do what you want.

For sure this is an option.
But to have animated 3d files generated from an online configurator would be cool aswell!
Thanks for the answer.