Outlook Previewer for Rhino

I like to scan my email using the previewer function in OUTLOOK. You can quickly check the document attached to see if it needs your time now. Is there an add-on or some other way to get OUTLOOK to preview a dxf, dwg, or rhino 3dm in the reading pane rather than having to open the file? (asking for a friend)


You might want to post this in the Scripting or Developer categories.
If Outlook has an SDK, I would expect a developer could be hired to use it and the Rhino SDK to make one.

Hi -
I see that you started a new thread in the Scripting category, which was then moved to “Rhino” by a developer and then closed by another developer… :see_no_evil:

At any rate, we don’t have a utility for previewing Rhino files in Outlook.
Autodesk seems to refer to the Longbow Previewer to show previews in Outlook.
Perhaps some more Google’ing will give you other options.