Rhino3dm .net file preview


I’d like to display a preview of my 3dm file in my .net app. The basic sample preview here would be perfect, however, I did not find any example to implement this in a .net program?
I thought that at worst I could use a webview, but I have not been able to run the javascript sample locally, it just renders a white page…

Or if nothing like this is possible, can we at least read the file’s preview bitmap?

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Have you tried this?


— Dale

Hi, I should have said that I’m using Rhino3dm in a standalone .net program. GetPreviewImage() is available for RhinoCommon but it does not seem to be exposed in Rhino3dm.

Hi @mafieulemouton,

Yep, I can see what we have on NuGet is a bit old. I’ve logged an issue so we can get this updated.


– Dale

Thanks @dale
When should I expect an update? I tried with Rhino3dmIO.Desktop 7.2RC and even Rhino3dmIO.Desktop 8 WIP, but GetPreviewImage() is missing in both.

Also, will Rhino3dm NuGet be updated at the same time, or should I switch back to Rhino3dmIO.Desktop?


I have no idea - hopefully within the next week or so.

You should be using Rhino3dmIO.Desktop.

– Dale

Ok, thanks @dale

Hi @dale ,
Anything new on this matter? I’ve tried using @will 's version from youtrack (here) but I don’t see any difference for the preview.
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Hey @mafieulemouton,

I believe the issue is still being worked on. See the “related issues” on the link I provided.

– Dale

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