Osnaps missing from status bar (Rhino 5 WIN)

No idea where they went but I noticed that my osnaps toggle controls are missing from my status bar. Can’t find a way to get them back through the appearance menus or right clicking the status bar itself. Any help?

Brand new to the community here so I apologize for not knowing how to delete this post so instead I’ll just go ahead and post the solution since it was so easy and I feel pretty dumb lol.
If the snaps go missing from the status bar you can just type ShowOsnap and that brings it back…

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Hello - I’m glad you found it - V6 has a problem remembering that OSnaps were showing when Rhino closed last. The last I heard, the cause is elusive and it’s all still being worked on…


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Haha no problem it wasn’t too hard to figure out, I knew it had to be something silly.

(Sidenote: I loved your rhinoscripts for Rhino 5 and having just joined the forums a few days ago I’m feeling a little “starstuck” to get a reply from Pascal Golay on such a silly post)


That feeling never totally fades away…