Osnap problem driving me up-the-wall

Why do my snap choices for Rhino 6 always from the Osnap menu box as soon as I set them and try to do anything in the drawing area? I keep having to set my Osnap choices constantly. I have done searches ad-naseum to no avail.

Dave Lomshek
Pittstate University
Pittsburg, Kansas

Looks like a verb is missing.

Have you tried using ShowOsnap and seeing what the current setting is?

I finally stumbled on a solution for this problem. When I selected pre-sets for End, Cen, Quad, Perp etc. these would blank out as soon as I moved the mouse pointer out of the Osnap box.
I found if I had the Osnap menu box oriented horizontally rather that vertically they stayed visible. ??? go figure! If I reorient the ‘box’ vertically again they again clear leaving an empty box. ??? Have no idea why!