Oscillating Fan

This is the second completed model. I want to thank everyone in the Mac forum for the help they gave me. This model took me a week. Much quicker than the first:relaxed:

Thanks to Marc for pointing out the graphics issue. I went into change it and ended up falling down an OC hole as I noticed other things could be better … Nothing is every really done after all. When I went to make new renders I realized I’d have to redo everything in the rendering application bacause I don’t really know how to use it! All the same, I managed to get the color closer to the original this time. The text shown is a 3d component of the model - not a decal or whatever its called.

Thanks all for your kind support.


nice James

Thanks Jeff!

Simply outrageous!!

Thanks for making the other objects in my world look bad : )

Wow! This is awesome. I’m not going to suggest that “you must have a good tool/camera”. This takes skills.


// Rolf

Great model and renders!
I think the logo at the right should not have a complete circle around the “SA”. It stands for “Canadian Standards Association”.
Wait, I’ll get one…

Hi Marc,

Thanks much for pointing out the graphics issue. I reposted a new set.



Now it’s perfect! :smile: