Cycles x testing

beating on cycles x in v8 wip.

Legend has it that Bob and the OG Mcneel employees started the company by delivering CAD workstations all over seattle in Bob and Sandy’s old VW bus…

for V8 I figure we needed something with a little more power.

A ways to go still till it’s production ready, but this image rendered in 1:04 on my i9/rtx 5000 machine.
Buckle up… v8 is going to be fast… especially for Mac folks on M1/m2, you are going to see massive speed gains in rendering.


Given the reasonably sharp change that is expected, it would be nice to have a standard model built for WIP that can be used for benchmarking and that complements the tool made by Holo. Preferrably, it would be compatible with V7 too.

Is it also best to settle on the reference Cycles version for Blender (Cycles 3.5), rather than Cycles X? I’m probably a bit dim, but I was getting confused between the different references.

Thanks! It certainly seems promising. It would be interesting to compare how it matches the Blender 3.5 implementation.

we typically don’t do that to avoid any appearance of fixing the game… BUT… we highly recommend you running your own tests with your own models in the real world and let use know your results.


Have you noticed any issues with V7 materials not working correctly in V8? I tried playing around with it tonight, and a few of my PBR materials came in very strange. The speed is…impressive tho!

ETA - figured it out - SBSAR materials, and I didn’t have it installed on V8!