R8: Moved gumball origin + Make2D bug

Both me and my colleagues are experiencing this bug where after Make2D, gumball is centered where the original object was, rather than at the center of the generated curves and I have to manually reset it.
I found that it happens when on the original object, gumball is first moved elsewhere, see this demonstration:

Strange thing is that I very rarely move the gumball itself but it keeps happening on semi-regular basis for random objects, so I feel something else must be also triggering this condition of either gumball being treated as relocated or something else that causes this bug in the Make2D command.

I’m also not sure if this only happens with Make2D or if some other commands might be affected too.

Currently using Version 8 SR7 (8.7.24107.13001, 2024-04-16) on Windows 11.
Happens in safemode too.

Ah, it happened again and I definitely wasn’t moving any gumballs. But what I found out is that depending on the particular way you model something, you may end up with off-center gumball, even if you create two otherwise identical objects.
Once the gumball is not in bounding box origin, it then propagates through other commands. In the example below, the same thing that was happening to Make2D is now happening to ExtractSrf. And if I were then to do Make2D from those extracted surfaces for example, it would propagate again and the gumball would stay in the original object’s origin.
I don’t know how much of this is intended behavior (copying the gumball location to “children objects” (even if they are not real children)) but the example below, I hope, clearly demonstrates that it creates very inconsistent and unpredictable experience:

I tested this exact same thing in Rhino 6 and the gumball always stays in the center and extracted surfaces then always have it in their respective centers.

Hi Simon, thanks, I’ll check this.

I see the Make2D part…
RH-81616 Gumball location in make2d