Orienting an object to the construction plane

I have an object in a particular orientation in 3D. Now i have to make a 2d drawing of this object and therefore need to orien this object flat and square to the constructionplane. I tried to orient it to a surface and then rotate it to be plane with the constructionplane but it is still slightly off.
Is there an easy way or command to do this?

Kind regards, René

Well, if you can locate 3 points on the object that should lie flat on the construction plane, you can use _Orient3Pt…


Hi Rene - As a variation on Mitch’s suggestion, if you can find a plane or three points you can set a CPlane and then RemapCPlane to the World Top.


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the orient 3 pt works really well. Allso found out that part of the problem was a minimal torsion of the product which showed up in the 2D drawing.

I allso tried the ramap to c plane option but could not get it to work. It allso says in the helpbox:_The objects are moved and rotated so they have the same relationship to the new construction plane as they had to the original construction plane…Then the object will still be in the same orientation, if i am right.