How to align a view with a construction plane?


I am drawing a building whose one wall is not perpendicular to the rest of them.

I would like to align the views to the wall in a way that one is parallel and the second one is perpendicular.

How to do that?

I draw a surface parallel to the wall and set a new construction plane along its longer edge and I saved it as a named cplane.

In the bottom viewport I choose named cplane and set the view to left, but when I draw anything, it works in some other coordination system.

As you can see in the image, the cube is rotated, while it should be perpendicular to the grey surface.

I would be grateful for helping me with this issue. I tried seeting the view to “left” and camera to “cp left” but that didn’t help.

View>Set Camera>Orient Camera to Surface. You can also set the C-Plane to an object in the same sub menu of “View”.

Typing in ‘Plan’ in the command line will orient the view as a Plan View on the current CPlane as well.

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Thank you @double.m.designed but thats what I described in the beginning: I can rotate the view but the objects drawn are not in the same coordinate system as the view.

The same happens if I use “plan” as @Japhy (also thank you) suggested. The view is ok, but the object is rotated.

Another strange thing:

In a viewport, I set the construction plane to the named construction plane and I clicked the plane icon to set the vieport to “cplane front”

I noticed however, that the grid is missing and I can’t draw in this viewport.

When I randomly snapped to some existing elements and created another cube, it was properly aligned with the wall an construction plane. So I solved my problem but another one arose: I can’t draw at all.