Orient multiple flat curves or surfaces on C-plane, similar to UnrollSrf

Im looking for a workflow that is similar to UnrollSrf but for individual surfaces.
Basically exactly what UnrollSrf does for polysurfaces.
I have flat surfaces (hundreds of them) which I want to orient on my XY plane,
ideally arranged and annotated like UnrollSrf would do it if they were connected.

My initial workflow was using orient3pt which would be hours of work for the amount I want to process.

The better yet not ideal solution is to use UnrollSrf one at a time for every surface.

Any suggestions to get more efficient?
Probably I could run the whole task in a reasonable amount of time, however it wont be the last time I have to do it, and I suspect there’s an easier solution.

Hello - you can trick Rhino by first running NonmanifoldMerge on the surfaces then UnrollSrf on the result.



Supercool, exactly what I needed :slight_smile:
Thanks for saving me hours of work!