Orient on surface strange works

Hello, I cannot understand system of the Orient on surface tool in any way. In the document a red object which needs to be placed on a square. As I do not try - an object cannot correctly be imposed on a square in any way (the end up). Try…1.3dm (171.5 KB)

No answer for you sorry as I do not use that command but I do orient objects on objects a lot and use this tool nearly every day.

You might find it of interest.

I’v added a circle under & centered to the small object,as a center help guide to snap on when asked.

  1. select the oriented object, snap to the center on the guid circle; hold shift and click torword any direction (at this case the direction does not matter).
  2. At the popup window, for now keep as is and click OK
  3. select the wanted face of the cube, to be oriented on, if a duplication of the oriented object is needed, click copy=Y at the command bar options, do that before positioning of the oriented object.
  4. orient you object on the wanted surface.

I’v attached your file back with a sample.
Hope this was helpful
1.3dm (184.5 KB)

sochin, Gil_K, thanks!
I had a problem that it is necessary to choose an object, to specify points in a certain window (top, perspective, front, right), but not in any.

Hi Modler3d - the when you pick the points for orienting, the current CPlane Z is what gets mapped to the surface normal.


Hi Pascal, if I specify the second point in the direction x or y - is also correctly adjusted on normal.

Hi M3d - I am not sure I follow, but, the first point you pick is the one that determines the normal - what ever CPlane is active for the first point will be the one that determines how the object is mapped onto the target surface - that is, the relation of the CPlane Z and the object is reproduced as the relation between the target surface normal and the object. I do not know if that clarifies anything at all, I’m not yet clear about what the problem is, I’m afraid.


There is no problem… Just I only approximately understand work of the second point.