Orient Isocurves to Object


This could be a quick fix that I’m overlooking/cannot figure out, but I’m having trouble creating surfaces with isocurves that align to the object instead of the world.

Its my first time using CAD files as a blueprint for modeling a building in rhino. I started to build and surface walls and planes using the curves I imported from AutoCAD. It started noticing a problem when the isocurves would orient along the world instead of them being oriented to the object itself… hope that makes sense.

Please reference these pictures.

Any help is much appreciated!!

Just hide the isoline :), anyway, they are not printed.

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Hah that is definitely a solution, but I wanted to be able to modify the individual points on the isocurves.

The most problematic is this section outlined in this photo:
Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 12.16.31 PM

I tried to rebuild the surface and the command didn’t know what to do with those isocurves. I looked into reorienting CPlanes, but I haven’t found it effective in re-surfacing areas where the isocurves orient in terms of the positioning of the CPlane.

I haven’t had this problem creating surfaces in rhino for Windows. But I was also using _Sweep commands instead of _PlanarSrf or _Patch

Well, without a sample file…I can’t tell much more. All I I’m able to say is that this area’s construction curves have likely been a kind of struggle for you, I guess.

I was able to rebuild that one surface so that the isocurves have been more evenly spaced out, but still can’t orient them to the object.

Feel free to try and help!

sample_file1.3dm (4.2 MB)

You won’t.
First: it is useless
Second: there is a hole, so it’s trimmed, unless you go into inextricable editing.
Third: it is again useless

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