Orient Groups to C-Plane (Kangaroo, Wombat)


I am trying to orient groups of circles with internal circles and text curves made wombat to align with the C plane so that it is exactly similar to the 3D object but flat, it seems to work relatively well with this method, but there appears to be an error that it gets a lot of extra copies thrown around the geometry.

I can’t really figure out why this happens, but maybe there is a better way to orient the circles as groups?


orient_circles.gh (342.7 KB)

orient_circles_re.gh (334.7 KB)

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Thank you so much!


I just wonder if I could maybe ask a follow up question?
The internal circles are now placed where these rings intersect the big circles.
Therefore, I think I would need to use the point in curve method to group them into the big circular shapes. I have tried to simplify them and to use the sorted list as a base for intersection on both the surface/curve node and point in curve node, however there is the same problem.

Do you know what might be going wrong?


orient_circles_re_5.gh (350.5 KB)

I don’t want to untangle your spaghetti-like code and sort it out, anyway, one thing I want to point out is that what GH should avoid when writing algorithms is that going in one direction and getting a result as you did, and then going back to the previous step and using that result again. Of course, you can make a loop algorithm in GH using plugins like Anemone or scripting, but it has nothing to do with this case.

And the attachment I’m showing you this time is just an attempt of improvisation and may not be best for your whole algorithm.
Please, go back to the beginning and think again about how to make the algorithm efficient one step by step.

orient_circles_re_5_re.gh (349.4 KB)

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Thank you so, so much once again!
I realize the code could probably be optimized to some degree, thanks for pointing out the need to go forward, I think the initial one was that way, but I was trying to get the sort component to work, but obviously it didn’t.

But your code seam to do the trick, I will check if everything is in order, now this can soon be tried in real life. Many Thanks