Creating A Chord Diagram - With Kangaroo?


I am beginning to make a chord diagram (the excel part is yet to come - but I want to ensure that my script works fine) - so I was thinking that if I have a dot in the middle with a given force, that it would pull the center of each line in the chord diagram towards it with a given magnitude while keeping their ends fixed to the points at the circle’s perimeter. I am pretty sure that kangaroo can do this but I am not sure how. I tried doing this with a catenary but I think there is a better way when dealing what will be over a thousand lines.

Chord (21.8 KB)


Any help on achieving this would be great. With or without Kangaroo.

Thanks in advance

there’s a component under Curves → Spline → Catenary that lets you draw them specifying start/end points, total length of curve and gravity vector (no Kangaroo)

in the image attached, those don’t look completely like catenaries (well, they can be catenaries but each of them with a custom gravity vector pointing always “a little bit more” to one of the two values they connect… with a smal belly on one side)

I found it easier to get a similar effect with Bezier, playing with the sliders on top will change the start/end tnagent vectors and therefore the kind of belly each connection curve produces (19.5 KB)


Wow - Thank you so much - This is very helpful and will most likely work for the problem I have! I can’t wait to try it out with my data!


Blend curves also provide good control for generating these:

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Excellent - Thank you for the input!!

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