Advice on how to create this shape

Hello guys!
I need your help in modeling an organic desk. The closest match i got was with loft or networkSrf but i still can’t get those details and the clean shape. I don’t have enough control over the shape and i feel i am not doing this the right way. I tried sweep2, loft, networkSrf after creating the splines based on the drawings.

How would you approach modeling a shape like this? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Basically you are on the right way. Don´t try to create that kind of shape as a single surface /single loft. Split the model in different parts and create some transitions later. By the way: this shape as a high quality nurbs model is more than 10 minutes of work.
For the loft command make sure that your curves have the same point count.

Thanks for the tips! I thought about creating the shape from multiple parts, but i just don’t know how to split it. Any suggestion? Here’s the file in case it helps to check it out.


Playing around with your “alien-table” drawing a little bit.
I have drawn the top edge and duplicated this line, drag it down a bit, edit the control points and make a 2rail sweep. Hard to get not many creases.


Greets Jay

Looks nice! How did you create the base? Can you upload the file for me to check it please?
Oh, and the left side looks this way because i wanted to make it look like it blends with the wall.


Sorry, but I`m not able to save and upload a file. Luckily, I took some screen shots. Maybe it helps.The profile arcs for the 2railsweep you have to draw by yourselve.

Greets Jay

You can try low poly design strategy (starting from a low poly mesh box, or planar 3D faces) and by moving vertices, adding mesh faces add more details (contouring creases, for instance). The resultant mesh can be nicely smoothened with Weave Bird plug-in for Rhino . I think WB_CatmullClark subdivision should work here. It is definitely not the fastest design option, but you will have full control over your topology.
Also you can try T-Splines plug-in for Rhino. As I know it is no longer supported by Autodesk, however you can still download the plug-in on the internet and use it during the trial period

Thanks Ilmar! I thought about doing it in tsplines but that was the last resort because i don’t think i can get the shape perfection as with rhino tools that can analyse the curvature. I’ll try that if i can’t do it with rhino.

Thanks Ray! I will give it another go, but i tried this aproach and it didn’t work for me. I guess i didn’t draw the rails correctly.

I tried again with loft and sweep from 2 rails but it didn’t work in 1 piece with the base. I would need to do it in 2 pieces and blend the base with the rest, but i wouldn’t have control over the shape. The only method that could do the whole shape as one was surface from network, but i had to create so many splines and the way it blends between them i didn’t like the result. I didn’t think i will have so much trouble trying to create kind of shapes in Rhino.
My sister uses Zbrush and i asked her to give it a try and see how zbrush handles it. I wanted to do it in Rhino because of the clean shapes and the way rhino creates geometricaly correct shapes and exact dimensions.

You could also do it in Clayoo - it is easier to use than T-Splines or Zbrush.

more easy than Tsplines? Never used clayoo.