Organic Ripple Roof

So I am facing a consequences of MidJourney.
Trying to build something similar. But no luck. Don’t really want to model it manually.
Any ideas ?
Ideally some sort attracted points for opening and radiating waves.

I tired one test but the edge is wrong and it looks a bit diffrent. (11.9 KB)

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please internalize referenced geometries and reupload the GH file (you can also edit your original post) :+1:

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Oops I thought I did

That’s nice looking geometry - but what happens when it rains?


@arten May I ask if you know any source/material that can show how to use Heterotera, especially Network and Field parts? I opened the GH, and your definition is quite good, so I wonder if you have found a way to learn it.

GH has a new robust plugin called Tweener | Food4Rhino. Check that.

Clipper (14.0 KB)

And here is a Clipper way.
I guess you can add noise to the CP from the end of the definition.