How to build a kinetic canopy with GH?

Dear fellow GHs,

I am in an interesting project where I’ll try to design a kinetic building/ canopy with grasshopper.
Here, I used grasshopper to create this Fibonacci related spiral and tried to use it as the basic form for this little construction. Then I connected the extruding arms together to get this 3D construction(in the Rhino File).

flat.3dm (4.7 MB)

I want to create a GH definition to present this opening movement of one pattern, just within one model.
My question is, is there any suitable algorithm/ GH plugin that would be suitable for this project? Or is there any similar project that I can learn from.


For this file you need Anemone.
I needed a little project to get to know Anemone, so this seemed nice as a trial: kinetic (20.4 KB)
As you can see the canopies interfere, so they could use some optimization.

A little problem: I thought I could just have multiple branches (6 in this case) inside a loop, but the number of elements per branch is multiplied by 6. Is their a way to solve this?