Organic Building Form

Guys I have been Strugling to make this smooth surface for college project
I am starting with a 2D closed curve and a non planar curve above it in Z to represent the roof of the structure

I tried spliting the curves and connecting them in order with int. curves then lofting
but this specfic loft wont happen because iso curves should be in one direction
but my original sketch splits at the edge into 2 masses an matching them is a nightmare

so forget what I did how would you approach such a task ? I need a simpler workflow if there are any :smiley:

I attached some pics showing my sketchs and my curves from the loft (I dont like them so I will be modfying the input curves to match a very smooth result later

I know it maybe an easy thing but I am missing the correct worflow here and in need of help

In order to be organic you can use
A quad mesh that will be subdivided by Catmull &Clark or sub-d if you want

You can use a mesh and then kangaroo solver, to make catenary surface like Gaudi or Marc Fornes …

You can also patch your loft and then cut it.
You must search on web some examples

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Thanks for putting me on the right track … i will do my research and develop something that would be enough for now i hope … thanks again

No problem, you can also look at that

There were lot of work from Nik Willmore, as he was banned most of his images/works was lost :disappointed_relieved:

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I tried to search about this puffing an outlines elsewhere because the images dont open on any blatform because this is exactly what i am looking for
but with no luck :frowning:

I am just getting started so I will be trying the defentions in the comments on that thread during this hour now
very much thanks to you you gave me a lot of sources
thanks brother

maybe images doesn’t loading because of the isp that u are using.
I have a issue like this and its solved with a proxy.
try it and maybe your problem solving.

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sadly this is the reason :frowning: