Oreint and array an object on triangular grid

hi all, I have a object and wanna to align it on each part of my triangle grid, but when I orient the plane of the object, it’s going to mass like the picture I attached below.
I want to align my object on center of each part and also orient its plane with specific plane of each triangle.
i tried this with PANELING TOOLS in rhino but thats gonna change the scale of object, i want that object’s scale doesnt change along to surface.
second issue is about size of triangle of grids, is there any way that they can arrange with much discipline?!
I attached picture of my grid and situation of my work when I orient plane of object.
also my codes.

4 site.gh (21.6 KB)

Main problem, your object is not centered in point 0 {0,0,0}. So I changed with bounding box and then project center of bounding box then moving your object .

4 siteLD.gh (25.1 KB)
After that you can move your plane on which center of triangle you want, with centroid, circumcenter, …

For best triangles, use MeshMachine from Daniel Piker

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thank you for your reply Laurent
its working well
however its working so slow!
but its so helpful
tnx again.

It fast here.Use the profiler to see what component is slow.

And low quality mesh

hi and tnx again Laurent
actually its not slow, its freezing
and that’s because my original object is not the hemisphere I attached,
its a dome with a few openings.
first time its slow but still working.
but after I update my rhino from 5 to 5.14 (for use meshmachine u proposed) its completely freezing.
I attached 3d file below.

dome.3dm (8.4 MB)

The render mesh of you geometry has 206 000 faces. If 400 domes so 80 Million of faces. You must decrease the polygon count !!! Say by a factor of ten.