Orient block on object (mesh)


Trying to figure out simple task in grasshopper. How to align or orient blocks on a mesh ? I unwelded a mesh and used the faceN command to illustrate what I am looking for. Instead of creating curves, I would like the block to be centered in the triangle of the mesh.


Hi gimmy -

Something like this, perhaps?


Hi wim. Exactly but with a selected block that as a base shape of a cylinder but with more complex details. Thanks wim

Are you using Rhino 8?

Yes. Or i can use 7 also.

In Rhino 8 you can use the new Grasshopper Rhino components to place blocks.

Nice will try that. Hope it will work with orient base point perpendicular to normals.

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If it doesn’t work, post your files with the relevant geometry.

Hi Wim’s definition works great. But when I try block it does not work as I want. See images and files. Thanks,

TEST_PISSENLIT_2.3dm (273.5 KB)

Hi gimmy -

This seems to work:
TEST_PISSENLIT_2 - block instances.gh (8.7 KB)



thanks a lot wim. It’s perfect, You rock ! :wink: