Ordering curves during the loft command

I made this shape by lofting 9 curves (2 circles and 7 squished circles).

It worked, I got a single surface but there was a hurdle that I had to surmount before I got it working.

The problem was that the Loft command tried to connect the curves in the wrong order.

Exhibit A:

I couldn’t see a method in the Loft command to sort the curves.

But I thought, “Maybe it’s the order in which you select the curves”. I had just done a box selection so I retried and individually shift selected the curves.

That didn’t work either so I made a new, invisible layer and copied the curves across to it, one at a time, in the order: Biggest outside circle first, then forwards along the outside then backwards on the inside.

When finished: I lofted those curves via a, sloppy, box select and it worked!

It would be nicer if Rhino could be told which order to use. (*)

Maybe it can and I just missed the UI for it

(* In a less cumbersome way than creating new layers to create curve copies in the correct order.)

Are you using Rhino 5 or 6? In Rhino 6 I select curves in the order I want to loft them and that works (as documented in help).

If you share a model with your curves, I’d be happy to try with them.


loft.3dm (89.0 KB)

Using Rhino 6

Loft with nothing preselected and selecting curves in order gives:

(n.b. I didn’t use shift select, just selecting one by one, but shift select seems to work ok too)

DOH, the nothing selected ploy.

OK, thanks Jeremy. :slight_smile: