List order surface

Hello peeps thanks for your help as always. I am trying to do something and I cant figure out the next step. I have a list of surfaces that if I apply a tag to them… they are in no order. totally random. can I organize this list? lets say from bottom left to right and then going next up. really simple.
I am attaching a image

I am attaching a def and the rhino file thanks!

help.3dm (828.6 KB) (28.5 KB)

Try the sort points (x,y,z) component (vector tab)

thanks fro the help! it will fix it a little but there is not particular order. I want something like this.

Make your curve in Rhino, reference and use the Sort Along Curve component

I did it. and it not look so good either

it works as expected, not sure what you are looking for then.

(internalize geometry in GH, no need to upload the Rhino file if so) (158.6 KB)

thanks so much!